Jazz Alice

Jasmine started singing at a very young age and was lucky enough to be given two scholarships for her Musical Theatre training, FTD and Reynolds Performing Arts Academy. She graduated from Reynolds in 2013 and landed her first two jobs in a Wartime Show and the lead in a touring Pantomime. Her next contract was in Mallorca where she played Freda in a four-piece ABBA tribute. Moving on to Gran Canaria where she currently resides, Jasmine has been enjoying her multitude of Shows including popular Celine Dion Tribute, Rockabilly Show, Jazz Classics and her latest venture, her Lady Gaga Tribute. 

During the 2020 pandemic, Jasmine used her time to reignite her passion for songwriting and now her work can be found on all major streaming platforms. Check out her brand new songs ‘Telling Lies’ and ‘My Favourite Star.’